Russia looms large as U.S. election officials prep for 2018

19th February

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Ten months before the United States votes in its first major election since the 2016 presidential contest, U.S. state election officials huddled in Washington this weekend to swap strategies on dealing with an uninvited guest: Russia.

Israeli visual aid company OrCam valued at $1 billion

19th February

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel’s OrCam, which has developed a visual aid for the blind, has completed a funding round that values the company at $1 billion, putting it on track for a planned initial public offering (IPO), its chief executive said on Tuesday.

double (or Triple) your reading TOMORROW?

19th February

A few years ago I wanted to learn how to read faster so I could blast through books, ebooks, documents, blog posts, articles, and other things I read to stay current in the industry.

I decided to hire the worlds fastest reader, Howard Berg for a day to train me in my private theater with my wife and a neighbor.

That day, I instantly started reading and learning faster.

Because of that, I quickly hired him again to work with my kids. With his help not only do my family and I read faster while comprehending more, but my oldest daughters standardized test scores started increasing rapidly. In fact, she got a college scholarship package to the University of Alabama for $104,300. On top of that, she started college as a sophomore.

In no way am I sharing this to … Read More »