Walt Disney names creative heads of animation studios

19th June

(Reuters) – Walt Disney Co on Tuesday split the role of its outgoing creative head John Lasseter and appointed two Academy award winners to spearhead its two animation studios.

Dragonforce – Through the Fire and Flames (VR) Beat Saber Workout

19th June

Hi! Here’s a clip of my morning workout with Beat Saber to a song by DragonForce. Beat Saber has a virtual community of developers that create custom songs just like this one from popular artists.

Share this video and the artist rightfully gets the ad revenue because it uses their music. This is a great way for artists to get discovered and still monetize their music.

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Keep in mind…. this is a 40 second clip. I usually work out like this for 15 minutes and go thru 3 songs every 2 days. After doing this for 15 minutes my muscles hurt. Like any workout, its good to take a day off in between workouts.

Shot on a Samsung Odyssey VR headset.



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ZTE and U.S. still working on escrow agreement: U.S. official

19th June

(Reuters) – ZTE Corp and the U.S. government are still working on an escrow agreement that must be completed and funded with $400 million before a ban on the Chinese company can be lifted, a U.S. official told Reuters on Tuesday.