The Time is Now for Edge Experimentation

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9th April

What is an edge platform? In a recent report, GigaOm Radar for Edge Platforms, Analyst Chris Grundemann says the term itself remains hard to pin down.

“The relative newness of the edge market makes it more difficult to evaluate,” says Grundemann. “In fact, the biggest challenges are still related to defining ‘edge.’ There are many different aspects to edge and many different perspectives on what (or where) exactly it is. In my view, many of them are correct. So, our challenge for this report was defining what specifically we were including and how we were defining this one aspect of edge.”

In the wider technology industry, the term “edge” is used fairly loosely. For the purposes of the report, Grundemann, along with co-researcher Logan Andrew Green, describe edge platforms as ones that leverage distributed infrastructure to deliver services, content, compute, and security … Read More »

Data Storage Acceleration

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8th April

Flash memory is now the standard for storing active data in the data center. NVMe and NVMe over Fiber (NVMe-oF) are on the rise and ensuring that storage is no longer the bottleneck in the infrastructure. On paper, CPUs now can access data as fast as they can and networks can be used at their full potential, opening the door to better performance and quicker results. In reality, everything is fast but also inefficient. Vendors solve their problems without addressing the bigger picture, resulting in increasing complexity and cost.

Over the last few months I’ve written several times about hardware acceleration and resources like GPUs, FPGAs, smart NICS, DPUs (Network Data Processing Units), and more. The point of these solutions is to improve overall system efficiency by offloading demanding tasks that consume CPU cycles and hamper application performance. This specialized hardware … Read More »

Unstructured Data and the Challenge of Modern Data Management

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5th April

Data volumes continue to skyrocket and businesses keep working to harness that data for analytics and intelligence, driving innovation and improving business outcomes. Now, GigaOm analyst Enrico Signoretti says businesses are finally getting a handle on the unique challenge of operationalizing unstructured data.

“Enterprises are finally recognizing the need for better data management around unstructured data,” Signoretti says. “The ongoing data growth requires a new approach to understand and classify data, especially now with multi-cloud and data dispersed in several repositories.”

In his report Building a Modern Data Management Strategy, Signoretti details a simple and effective approach to data management, focusing on how data management software firm Datadobi is building on a vision for modern data management.

In order to truly take full advantage of data today, Signoretti says IT leaders must find ways to make the information easily accessible to business owners, … Read More »