Mobile Marketing is Here to Stay

Considering embracing a mobile marketing strategy? The posts below offer some mobile tips you may find of interest.

mobile marketingMobile Marketing and Technology shared several posts about mobile payments.  If you offer a product or service that your clients would find it convenient to purchase on their mobile devices it is almost a must have.

Small Business Mobile Marketing Tips Business 2 Community Small businesses may feel they lack the expertise to launch an effective mobile marketing campaign. How can they compete with bigger companies and stay …

Do you have an idea for an app that your clients would find of value?  Business 2 Community offers some tips around mobile apps.

For a small business, the time to adapt to this market is now. Making your business mobile-friendly is the best way to make yourself indispensable to your customers. Below are a few tips to help you use mobile marketing to …!PZSzu

Small Businesses Do It Better addresses SMS marketing, one of the most effective marketing tools if done properly.

Mobile marketing provides us with many opportunities to target, from apps and SMS advertising to designing a mobile friendly website. However, as there are lots of options for a business to choose from, you need to come up …

I hope you find value in the content. I know that mobile marketing is the next marketing frontier, if you are not embracing it yet your business could be left behind in the market place.