Cloud Computing

Isn’t It Time to Rethink Your Cloud Strategy?

Last year, at Re:invent, Amazon AWS launched Outpost and finally validated the concept of hybrid-cloud. Not that it was really necessary, but still…

At the same time, what was once defined as cloud-first strategy (with the idea of starting every new initiative on the cloud often with a single service provider), today is evolving into a multi-cloud strategy. This new strategy is based on a broad spectrum of possibilities that range from deployments on public clouds to on-premises infrastructures.

Purchasing everything from a single service provider is very easy and solves numerous issues but, in the end, this means accepting a lock-in that doesn’t pay off in the long run. Last month I was speaking with the IT director of a large manufacturing company in Italy who described how over the last few years his company had enthusiastically embraced one of the … Read More »

The AI Talent Gap: Locating Global Data Science Centers

Good AI talent is hard to find. The talent pool for anyone with deep expertise in modern artificial intelligence techniques is terribly thin. More and more companies are committing to data and artificial intelligence as their differentiator. The early adopters will quickly find difficulties in determining which data science expertise meets their needs. And the AI talent? If you are not Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, or Apple, good luck.

With the popularity of AI, pockets of expertise are emerging around the world. For a firm that needs AI expertise to advance its digital strategy, finding these data science hubs becomes increasingly important. In this article we look at the initiatives different countries are pushing in the race to become AI leaders and we examine existing and potential data science centers.

It seems as though every country wants to become a global AI power. With … Read More »

Voices in AI – Episode 79: A Conversation with Naveen Rao

Today’s leading minds talk AI with host Byron Reese

About this Episode

Episode 79 of Voices in AI features host Byron Reese and Naveen Rao discussing intelligence, the mind, consciousness, AI, and what the day to day looks like at Intel. Byron and Naveen also delve into the implications of an AI future.

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Transcript Exerpt

Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI brought to you by GigaOm, and I’m Byron Reese. Today I’m excited that our guest is Naveen Rao. He is the Corporate VP and General Manager of Artificial Intelligence Products Group at Intel. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Duke and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Brown University. Welcome to the show, Naveen.

Naveen Rao: Thank you. Glad to be here.

You’re going to give me a great answer … Read More »

From Data Protection to Data Management and Beyond

Just three weeks into 2019, Veeam announced a $500M funding round. The company is privately held, profitable and with a pretty solid revenue stream coming from hundreds of thousands of happy customers. But, still, they raised $500M!

I didn’t see it coming, but if you look at what is happening in the market, it’s not a surprising move. Market valuation of companies like Rubrik and Cohesity is off the chart and it is pretty clear that while they are spending boatloads of money to fuel their growth, they are also developing platforms that are well beyond traditional data protection.

Backup Is Boring

Backup is one of the most tedious, yet critical, tasks to be performed in the IT space. You need to protect your data and save a copy of it in a secure place in case of a system failure, human error … Read More »

Voices in AI – Episode 78: A Conversation with Alessandro Vinciarelli

Today’s leading minds talk AI with host Byron Reese

About this Episode

Episode 78 of Voices in AI features host Byron Reese and Alessandro Vinciarelli as they discuss AI, social signals, and the implications of a computer that can read and respond to emotions. Alessandro Vinciarelli has a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Bern and is currently a professor in the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow.

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Transcript Excerpt

Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI brought to you by GigaOm. I’m Byron Reese. Today our guest is Alessandro Vinciarelli. He is a full professor at the University of Glasgow. He holds a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the University of Bern. Welcome to the show, Alessandro.

Alessandro Vinciarelli: Welcome. Good morning.

Tell me a little bit about the kind of work you do in artificial intelligence. 

I work on … Read More »

Quantum Computing, Capabilities and Limits: An Interview with Scott Aaronson

Scott Aaronson

GigaOm CEO Byron Reese recently sat down with  Scott Aaronson to discuss Quantum Computing. Aaronson is the David J. Bruton Jr. Centennial Professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas in Austin, where he also directs the UT Quantum Information Center. Prior to UT, he taught Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. Aaronson’s research focuses on the capabilities and limits of quantum computers and computational complexity.

Byron Reese: Welcome Scott.

Scott Aaronson: Thanks, great to join you.

So it seems like you’re on a one-man crusade to dispel all the popular notions of quantum computing. Why don’t we start with that?

Okay, well I write a blog and basically what happens is that every time there’s some really outrageous claim about quantum computing, that gets into the press, which is often. People start emailing me and they ask me to … Read More »