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How to Predict When You’re Going to Lose a Subscriber

No business likes to lose customers.

And today’s business world is more competitive than ever. Your customers have more options — and your competitors can reach them easier than ever before.

So customers are constantly juggling a decision around where to spend their money.

Consequently, developing a strategy to retain customers is now an essential part of any business.

But every customer leaves for different reasons, and an individualized retention campaign can be costly if you apply it to every one of your customers.

However, if you could predict in advance which customers are at risk of leaving, you could reduce those costs by solely directing efforts at folks that are at a high risk of jumping ship.

Fortunately, we can use artificial intelligence — or more specifically, a machine learning platform — to predict when a single customer is likely to leave based on their … Read More »

DataGravity Brings Behavior-Driven Data Management to Veeam Environments

Intent and behavior are becoming two very important indicators for cyber-security solutions. However, those are probably the most difficult indicators to effectively judge and issues such as false-positives and miscues litter effective analysis. DataGravity is looking to put an end to those miscues and bring forth a platform that automatically responds to data exposure and security threats in a Veeam backup repository. DataGravity for Availability helps manage sensitive data to defend against insider threats while providing higher levels of visibility and availability.

DataGravity is looking to tackle the problems caused by sensitive data exposure by bringing a higher level of understanding by exposing what is in the data and who is accessing it. Those insights prove critical to meeting compliance requirements, company policies, and industry standards. DataGravity for Availability accomplishes that level of insight by monitoring user and file behavior and brings added … Read More »

ITW 2017 – INOC Makes the Argument for the Outsourced NOC

Chicago, ITW 2017: Many a C-level executive wonders if the Network Operations Center is an asset or a liability. Truth be told, it falls under both descriptions. A NOC is an asset when all goes well and it is a liability when things go awry. While that statement may make many a CFO cringe, there is some merit to that oversimplified explanation.

Hal Baylor, VP of business development at INOC, adds a little color to the asset vs. liability conversation when speaking with GigaOM at ITW 2017. Baylor said “NOCs have to both be cost effective and satisfy user needs, all without the drama that problems can introduce.”

Therein lies the real dilemma, a NOC should just work and not CREATE any operational issues for a business. Baylor has observed that businesses large and small are encountering more and more problems when … Read More »

ITW 2017: Visualization is the Key to Understanding Connectivity

Chicago, ITW 2017: Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connected2fiber posed an interesting query to those looking to connect locations to data centers and other locations. Edmond asked, “what if you had a crystal ball that could show you all fiber routes?”

For many, the answer to that question is obvious; huge amounts of time could be saved, connectivity would accelerate, prices would drop, and CIOs would jump for joy. While that may be an oversimplification, knowing how, where, when, and why to connect proves critical in today’s world. As businesses move to the cloud, diversify data centers, and build branch offices, affordable and reliable connectivity becomes the crux of success.

What’s more, the flow of data is increasing exponentially, and elements such as latency and bandwidth are becoming ever more important, add to that QoS concerns and it becomes evident that … Read More »

ITW 2017: Webair Offers Some Advice on Ransomware Protection

Chicago ITW 2017: Sagi Brody, Webair’s CTO is hoping that the recent wannacry ransomware attack brings to light the importance of disaster recovery. After all, disaster recovery is in Webair’s domain. The company has created a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering aimed at helping businesses instantly recover from most any IT related problem. “The difference in our offering is that we allow our customers to recover individual applications, instead of forcing them into an all or nothing approach” said Brody. For today’s enterprises, that is a critical difference, especially since disasters come in all shapes and sizes.

Take for example last week’s wannacry attack, which rapidly spread and held companies for ransom, at least as far as access to their data was concerned. As a windows centric attack, not all infected sites had all applications impacted. “With an all or … Read More »

ITW 2017: Aqua Comms Looks to Maximize Cross Atlantic Connectivity

Chicago, ITW 2017: Undersea connectivity provider Aqua Comms is looking to shake up the world of cross Atlantic connectivity by introducing subsea fibre optic networks that traverse different routes. Based in Ireland, Aqua Comms came into existence to meet an underserved market, one that is experiencing phenomenal growth. Aqua Comms CEO Nigel Bayliff told GigaOM “We are seeing that the fastest growing data market is the one supporting Europe to North America connectivity.”

With that in mind, Aqua Comms set out to meet that exploding need for communications and deployed three new undersea cables, but with an added twist, the company built enhanced security into the equation by routing cables away from shipping and fishing areas to avoid accidental cable damage. What’s more, the company has also focused on having the most secure landfalls to protect connectivity even further. While security … Read More »