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The ROI of AI: How Intelligent Technology Transforms Enterprise Surveillance in the Innovation Age

For the world’s largest and most regulated organizations, understanding each employee’s day-to-activities and behaviors is simply impossible and, oftentimes, unnecessary. But uncovering internal issues – such as operational inefficiencies or even criminal activities – that could result in wasted time, lost money or damaged reputations, is critical. Therefore, it is important that businesses invest in tools to effectively identify and help correct these problems, and in turn drive sizable ROI.

Artificial intelligence is one technology that many enterprises have implemented to solve these internal challenges. In fact, IDC forecasts worldwide spending on cognitive and artificial intelligence (AI) systems to reach $57.6 billion in 202. But, which AI applications are actually helping enterprises, and how are their investments driving returns?

Forget Big Brother: How AI Surveillance Helps Enterprises “Know Your Employee”

There’s a general consensus among consumers that AI technology will create an … Read More »

Good AI vs. Bad AI: The Myths, Hopes And Realities of the Machines

AI is about to reshape the enterprise workplace in a big and fundamental way, and any organization that hasn’t already started thinking about, planning for and adopting the new wave of smart AI tools is at risk of being left behind by their competitors.

Even at this early stage, it’s clear the benefits of AI in the office are going to be enormous, as these new tools work alongside employees — becoming a personal digital “coworker” — and augment our productivity and creative-thinking skills while freeing us from the monotony of the routine tasks that currently consume our workdays.

But it’s also clear that not all workplace AI is created equal — some of these new AI tools will be seamlessly adopted into your employees’ daily tech stack and workflows, like Slack, while others won’t be a good fit, getting the cold … Read More »

Which matters most – vision, skill, effort, money or technology acumen?

Human endeavour is a powerful thing. It saw Amelia Earhart fly single-handedly across the Atlantic, Neil Armstrong on the moon and no end of people tracing the steps of others up the slopes of Everest, in the knowledge that they might not come back.

Many of our enterprises were originally formed on the basis of similar, beyond the call of duty effort — “One percent Inspiration, 99 percent perspiration,” as Thomas Edison was purported to say. The combination of money, vision, acumen and consistent, focused effort, even when all seems pointless — Sir Ranulph Fiennes calls this ’motivation’ — is only occasionally rewarded by remarkable success: the legions of failure go silently to their doom, like all those films we will never see because the hero gets killed in the opening scene.

It is against this background that we should view today’s … Read More »

3 Tech Areas in Which Engineers Are Having a Big Impact

We all know that technology has changed the world dramatically in recent years, and continues to disrupt industries of all types, in all locations across the globe. For engineers, and for businesses which employ them and/or use their developments, the meshing of engineering and technology is particularly powerful right now. By pairing humans with computers, some of the most exciting projects going around are currently being released, or are under development.

Whether you’re interested in control systems engineering, biomedical engineering, computer engineering, or another specialty, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest developments. Read on for three key tech areas in which engineers are having a big impact.


Robotics is an area which is being heavily invested in by many different types of industries, and engineering is no different. One of the most exciting projects under development … Read More »

5 questions for… Roger Davies, Value Management Guru

Roger Davies is a business consultant and author. His specialist topic is Value Management — that is, ensuring that business transformation delivers on the goals it sets out to achieve. He’s also an old colleague and friend — we worked for the same consulting firm, back in the Nineties.

I caught up with Roger to get an update on the latest thinking on how we define the value of our business change programmes.

1. What the heck is ‘value’ anyway, and how does it relate to money? You once told me value equated to “benefits minus costs” — is it still this simple?

Yes it is that simple. The challenge is how to frame value so that this ‘Value Equation’ works in any context and when the units of benefits and costs are not the same. Value is most effectively framed as energy … Read More »

5 questions for… Aware by Wiretap

Wiretap is a purveyor of “collaboration tool monitoring and governance” solutions, a.k.a. software that can scan the messaging and files within a collaboration platform. Its flagship product, Aware by Wiretap, monitors all content, including private messages and the content of files, shared with both internal and external members of platforms such as Yammer, Workplace by Facebook, Slack and Microsoft Teams, and send alerts in the case of a ‘toxic employee’ or policy breach.

In these five questions, I wanted to know what was behind the need — that old question of, is this a product or a feature; what’s net-new vs re-facing and renaming older solutions, and so on. And also, frankly, because I was intrigued by the name!

1. I see Aware by Wiretap as DLP applied to collaboration platforms, what did I miss? 

Aware by Wiretap does have some underlying DLP … Read More »