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Cybersecurity is an incurable disease, it’s time we thought of it that way

A couple of weeks ago I met with the email management and security vendor Retarus. While I was unfamiliar with the company (and it had a reasonably standard portfolio, I thought at first glance), my interest was piqued because it was German, and the country is very particular about such questions as personal data, privacy and so on.

As our conversation tended towards what the organisation is calling patient zero detection — referring to how the vendor’s software looks to improve how it reacts to security attacks that have already taken place, I found myself on fundamentally more interesting and potentially valuable ground. It’s difficult to explain why I think this is so important, so please bear with me and I shall try.

IT security has had a chequered history. Back in the day when I used to manage UNIX systems, workstations and … Read More »

A chat with AI instructor Chris Mohritz

Christopher Mohritz is a lifelong entrepreneur and technologist with a number of successful businesses under his belt; bringing a unique blend of technology know-how coupled with creative thinking and business acumen to each of his projects.

Since 2009, Chris has been building and leveraging artificial intelligence systems to cognify a wide range of business functions — marketing, sales, customer support and decision automation to name a few. And over the past five years, he has been building and operating a business accelerator for web/mobile startups, helping other entrepreneurs launch exceptional “AI-first” businesses.

Chris draws heavily from a deep background in technology — from operating nuclear reactors in the U.S. Navy to designing datacenters at Lockheed Martin. Complemented by a broad range of business experience — from technical sales for the Fortune 500 to project management in the public sector. Allowing Chris to … Read More »

ACID is instrumental in the move to SaaS

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When moving an on-premises app to the cloud, software vendors may find the lack of ACID in the database and – therefore the need to code data management functionality into the application – an insurmountable challenge.

This blog continues the series on the top four considerations for choosing the database for software vendors moving to a SaaS business model. In addition to the importance of SQL functionality and true elasticity, there is the importance of ACID. For certain types of applications, eliminating ACID and having to code data management functionality into the application instead of letting the database take care of it creates substantial complications.

ACID stands for atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability.  Compliance to ACID means that a system supports transactions by guaranteeing the full committal of all or no operations … Read More »

Corsa Strives to Combat Growing Volumetric DDoS Attacks


DDoS attacks are on the rise, and with the rise of those attacks come some sobering realizations. One realization is that DDoS attacks are evolving and becoming more persistent. Another realization is that DDoS attacks are escalating in size, so much so that experts expect at least one Tbit/s attack a month in 2017. Attacks of that scale will make the record-setting 620 Gbps attack against the “Krebs on Security site” seem almost insignificant. An attack which used unprotected IoT devices to generate massive amounts of traffic, something unheard of at the time. However, with DDoS attacks, there is a common theme, one established in the reality that there is not much difference between a 300 Gbps, 500 Gbps and a 1 Tbps attack. Or, more simply put – big is big, and mitigating those attacks proves somewhat similar.

The basic strategy … Read More »

TrackVia’s Low-code Platform is the Secret Sauce of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is anything but easy. Yet, countless businesses are striving towards the advantages that ideology brings to bear, and are needlessly impeded in their efforts. Arguably, digital transformation starts with applications, and those applications must function across diverse platforms and clouds, whether they are private, public, or hybrid. TrackVia, a cloud-based platform that combines rapid application development with low-code requirements and intuitive application integration capabilities, aims to help companies overcome traditional technology barriers and thus accelerate their journey towards digital transformation.

Simply put, TrackVia’s low-code platform makes it easy to build cloud-based applications that will run on multiple platforms, while still accessing existing critical business data. TrackVia was born out of a necessity as businesses were seeking to move and extend critical applications, such as inventory control, processes, workflows, and field service related applications into the world of mobile devices. … Read More »

Interview with Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant

If you are Star Trek fan, you know that the primary way that the crew of the Enterprise interacted with their computer was through voice commands. The ship’s computer was an oracle, programmed with the knowledge of the galaxy, and ever ready to answer any query.

We’ve made other things from the Star Trek universe. You can draw a straight line from the communication device that Lt. Uhura put in her ear to the bluetooth ones that are widely used today. There is a serious effort to produce a Star Trek medical tricorder as well as the needleless hypospray. But the Star Trek computer, well, that has eluded our grasp, and until recently seemed pretty far away. But the “smart speakers” released by Google and Amazon are a real step in that direction.

So, with that in mind, I decided to interview Google’s … Read More »