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Voices in AI – Episode 34: A Conversation with Christian Reilly

Today’s leading minds talk AI with host Byron Reese

In this episode, Byron and Christian talk about AGI, AI assistants, transfer learning, ANI and more.




Today’s leading minds talk AI with host Byron Reese

Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI, brought to you by GigaOm, I’m Byron Reese. Today our guest is Christian Riley. He is the Vice President of Global Product and Technology Strategy over at Citrix. Before joining Citrix, Riley was at Bechtel Corporation for eighteen years where he was responsible for the strategic planning, enterprise architecture and innovation program within the corporate information system and technology group. Welcome to the show, Christian.

Christian Riley: Thanks Byron, great to be here, thanks for having me.

I love to start off with a simple question, which isn’t really so simple, what is artificial intelligence? 

So, it is very interesting actually, I mean, when I think about artificial intelligence, I kind of think about it in two different ways, there is the general intelligence, which is kind of very broad and I’d suggest is a technology way of trying to … Read More »

Voices in AI – Episode 33: A Conversation with Bryon Jacob

Today’s leading minds talk AI with host Byron Reese

In this episode, Byron and Bryon talk about intelligence, consciousness, emergence, automation and more.




Today’s leading minds talk AI with host Byron Reese

Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI, brought to you by Gigaom. I’m Byron Reese. Today my guest is Bryon Jacob. Bryon is an entrepreneur and technologist and is a CTO and co-founder of, the social network for data. Bryon has been a coder since the age of ten, and received his bachelor’s and master’s degree from Case Western Reserve University, where he researched building cognitively realistic models of computation. Welcome to the show, Bryon.

Bryon Jacobs: Thank you. Great to be here.

Let’s start with the basics: What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a human-built machine emulating what would be traditionally thought of as a cognitive task that a human being … Read More »

The Seven Deadly Sins of the Digital World

We are all, in the words of Agent Smith and Agent Jones, “only human.” This paradoxical quality, humanity, which powers our finest achievements and leads us to the pinnacle of artistic endeavour, is also that which feeds our less desirable traits, actions and moments of downright cruelty.

As with many religious themes, the seven deadly sins of lust, gluttony, avarice, sloth, wrath, envy and pride are rooted in earthly reality. So how do they map onto how we interact with technology, in our interactions or in terms of the services we create? Let’s take a look.

Lust is a simple one, manifested in what we now label ‘inappropriate content’. In times past we would harbour images of each other, driving ourselves insane with our own thoughts. The printed image, then the video, and now algorithm-driven fakery leave little to the imagination and … Read More »

Sponsored post: Ethereum Co-Founder Shares His Secrets As Bitcoin Plunges

The Bitcoin bubble seems to be bursting. The bottom has fallen out, just as it did in the DotCom bubble in 2000.

But investors shouldn’t give up on cryptocurrencies: this is just the beginning. Take a look at the below chart to see what happened to Bitcoin every time it had a steep correction.

People have missed the real power of cryptocurrencies. So far, they’ve been thought of as alternative currencies, taking the place of fiat currency in transactions.

But that’s only half the story. What cryptocurrencies really do is monetize social networks, unlocking the value of a network by harnessing user engagement.

Corporations view cryptos as a way to monetize users’ participation for additional revenue. Investors who buy into corporate crypto, like the new KodakCoin, can gain from a network’s popularity, something that is different than just buying stock.

And with the KodakCoin venture … Read More »

Voices in AI – Episode 27: A Conversation with Josh Sutton

Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI, brought to you by Gigaom. I’m Byron Reese, and today our guest is Josh Sutton. He is a partner at a venture firm called Before that he had a long career at Publicis.Sapient, where he was the global head of data and AI. He holds a degree from MIT. Welcome to the show, Josh.

Josh Sutton: Thanks Byron, great to be here.

So what made you decide to leave the corporate world, I guess, and go into the venture world?

Well, it’s really a natural extension of how I viewed my career from the onset. When I left MIT, I joined Sapient, and the reason that I joined Sapient was something that was very compelling to me about the value proposition of the company. The vision was to change the way the world worked, and that resonated with me at a very visceral level. Through twenty-plus years at that company, it really was … Read More »

Messaging the use of AI against terrorist propaganda

In this ultra-communicative world we now occupy, part of the challenge faced by any authority is to get its message out there. It’s not enough to do the right thing, quietly and in a corner: you have to put it on a press release. No, more than that, you have to make a statement that shows you mean business.

Such as, “We’re not going to rule out taking legislative action if we need to do it,” the money statement, the soundbite that has taken the headlines about the UK’s funding of £600,000’s worth of terrorism-related image recognition.

It’s worth unpicking this action, and this statement. First a negative: the figure sounds like a lot, until you actually think about it. To put it in perspective, the InnovateUK governmental funding body has allocated £6,251,375,051 in grants over 14 years, or about half a … Read More »