Introducing the GigaOm Sonar Report

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19th July

I love working for Gigaom because we don’t settle. Ever. The Gigaom Key Criteria and Radar reports have gotten a lot of attention lately, because they focus on technology, execution, and roadmaps, instead of vendor revenue and market share. It’s an approach that is really appreciated by decision makers and our subscribers.

GigaOm subscribers know that we produce a lot of different types of reports. These include use case analysis reports, benchmarks, TCO reports, and more, but I thought we needed something unique to help give our subscribers an additional edge over their competition. In the end you work with an analyst firm just for one reason: to get better information, quicker, so you can improve and speed up your decision-making. This means it’s our job to anticipate and predict what’s coming next, to help you get ahead of the market.

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Why Cloud Observability Now?

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13th July

The term Observability might come as a conundrum for anyone who has been involved in IT Operations over the years, given how a major part of the challenge has always been to keep “single pane of glass” visibility on what can be a complex IT estate. Moving to the cloud also requires visibility, across the virtualized infrastructure and services in use — this is to be expected. Less evident at the outset is how cloud-based architectures change the nature of what needs to be managed:

cloud-based applications can become very complex, particularly if they are based on microservices
they can rely on multiple integration points with external and SaaS-based applications and services, accessed via APIs.
they are often hosted in multiple cloud environments or may still have portions hosted in on-premises or private clouds as well.
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Poised for Growth: GigaOm CEO on What Tech is Next

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18th June

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are redefining the enterprise IT landscape, as across verticals see the potential for AI and ML to automate repetitive tasks and solve complex problems. But just how far does the potential of AI/ML reach?

GigaOm co-founder and CEO Ben Book recently appeared on an episode of the 7investing podcast with 7investing Founder and CEO Simon Erickson to discuss technology trends. He says most enterprises know that AI and ML will impact their business, but some are still trying to figure out just how the technology will work for them.

“The early adopters were webscale and high growth new industry and digital companies, like Google, Twitter, Uber, Facebook, investing in data scientists and other data-intensive industries such as finance and insurance,” says Book.

He says that while AI and ML have already made their mark in verticals … Read More »