Value Stream Management: Why Talk About It Now?

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6th May

Software innovation and delivery are on the top of just about any forward-thinking executive’s priority list these days, and businesses are doubling down on software optimization development efforts.

Value stream management (VSM)—a lean business practice that allows for visibility over how software is being built—has grown in popularity in DevOps circles as a result. As units of function pass along the pipeline, from concept to deployment, managers can benefit from understanding how this is taking place, from speed of development, to where the bottlenecks are, to what value is being delivered.

GigaOm analyst Jon Collins examines the “why” of VSM in a recent blog post. One of those “whys” is the question “why now?” People have been building applications for a long time, after all, and should already know how to manage the process. But VSM has cropped up as a response … Read More »

Vendors to Watch in Performance Testing Tools

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6th May

Figure 1. GigaOm Radar for Evaluating Performance Testing Tools

As we noted in a previous article, the market for performance testing tools is heating up. Why? Because performance testing—which is a process that tests software applications under particular loads and provides feedback—is now seen as an integral element of a quality-first approach in cloud-native environments. Performance testing is necessary to give management and development staff information on the quality of performance of an IT business solution.

Another influencing factor in the growth of performance testing is the move to shift left in DevOps. Testing can kill innovation and increase the complexity of delivering solutions. So if a test tool is difficult to use, it can become a bottleneck due to the limited number of available skilled testers. And this can mean that teams either skip performance tests or accept a reduction in … Read More »

Understanding Vulnerability Management

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23rd April

No organization wants its name in the headlines because of a security incident or data breach, but major security incidents occur globally on a near-daily basis. The threat landscape is daunting. Industrious criminals know how to exploit software vulnerabilities and are always evolving techniques to take advantage of security gaps.

Vulnerability management tools are part of a larger arsenal to help organizations in the fight against cybercrime. They assist with creating airtight applications and systems early in the software development lifecycle. They enable the identification, classification, prioritization, and remediation of threats.

In the recently released Key Criteria Report for Evaluating Vulnerability Management Tools, Iben Rodriguez and Geoff Uyleman dive in to vulnerability management tools and discover that as the market matures, security products are adding more capabilities and there is an increasing overlap that blurs the lines of traditional product categories.

“Vulnerability management … Read More »