The Why of Value Stream Management

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13th April

If you’re like me and have been around the block in tech more than once, you’ve seen three-letter acronyms come and go. Sometimes the technology they refer to is a flash in the pan; other times it hangs around for a bit before being subsumed into the platforms we build upon.

And so it is with value stream management (VSM), which has grown in popularity in DevOps circles. The first question I tend to ask about this is, why? Is this some new innovation that needs a name, or has someone spotted a weakness in existing tools and methods?

In a nutshell, VSM refers to the need—or the ability—to have visibility over how software is being built. As units of function pass along the pipeline, from concept to deployment, managers can benefit from understanding how this is taking place, from speed of … Read More »

Tough Threat Landscape Demands Better Data Protection for Hybrid Cloud

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12th April

The number of businesses migrating to the cloud is constantly growing. Hybrid cloud is now considered a standard approach by organizations of all sizes, and many expect to move to multi-cloud in the future. But this growth is not without significant challenges. As more companies adopt cloud technology, challenges like exponential data growth, disparate data types, new security threats, and data management and reusability all make data protection more difficult and more critical than before.

In the newest version of his research, Key Criteria for Evaluating Hybrid Cloud Data Protection, GigaOm Analyst Enrico Signoretti says the sector has changed since his first evaluation in 2019—namely because users are more interested in security than ever before. And they are eager for products that can secure their data against an escalating threat landscape that includes ransomware exploits, just one of the many types … Read More »

Secure Insight: GigaOm Partners with the CISO Series

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9th April

Don’t look now, but GigaOm, the analyst firm that enables smart businesses to future-proof their decisions, is forging new partnerships to extend its reach and better inform busy IT decision makers. On Thursday, the company announced it was teaming with the CISO Series to share content and better support the community of chief information security officers, security practitioners, and security vendors.

“The CISO Series is one we have admired for a while because they have a very similar aim: They help security professionals become more knowledgeable and understand how their roles are changing,” said Ben Book, GigaOm founder and CEO. “We saw a clear common interest and are delighted to be working together.”

The CISO Series brand has built a formidable reputation through its podcasts, blogs, video chats, and live events for the security community. It has added the extremely popular CyberSecurity … Read More »